Here’s Help to Create a Pollinator Garden

There is a lot of information on our website about the importance of insects, native plants and caring about our ecosystem. Many people, organizations and whole cities have dedicated themselves to biodiversity, reducing carbon emissions and encouraging pollinator insects. Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalists Club have developed an excellent website called Hamilton Pollinator Paradise.

Kiss the Ground

I recently watched a documentary called “Kiss the Ground ”. The basic premise is that by healing the soil we can heal our climate crisis. The story asks us to honour natural processes versus chemical processes. Soil damaged by chemicals and excess tillage gives off carbon dioxide whereas healthy soil sequesters carbon dioxide. Poor land

Caring for rhododendrons

When choosing a site for your rhododendron dappled shade is best. To set buds, rhododendrons need light but require protection from the hot summer sun. Buds are set in the late summer for the following year. If you plant your rhododendron in deep shade, it will flower poorly and develop leggy growth. Rhododendrons perform best