In praise of Serviceberry

Serviceberry, shadblow, chuckly pear, juneberry, sugar plum, wild pear, wild plum, sarvis tree, maycherry and Indian pear- all are colloquial names for Amelanchier.  The profusion of common names for this native shrub is a good example of why scientific names are used! With its star-shaped brilliant white flowers, glossy purplish red fruit, vibrant fall colour,

Diversity in the Garden

Insects need food sources and shelter with different types of foliage, at different times of year, at different heights, etc. When you mix diverse plants together, you bring layers of color, shapes, sizes, varieties, and textures – which means a greater diversity of garden predators too. A greater diversity of predators in your garden, means

Planting Fall Vegetables

Gardening has for some folks (including me at first) just two seasons of growing vegetables spring and summer when there are actually 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall, and, winter. Many gardeners seem to have a misconception that it is difficult to plant vegetables in the fall. In actuality it is fairly easy! There are two