Do you need a speaker for a gardening event?

We areĀ  happy to provide speakers for your gardening group or event. Here are some of the topics we have presented in the past.

  • Sustainable gardening in an urban setting
  • Native plants in a perennial garden
  • Drought resistant gardens
  • Plant sensing and communication
  • Urban soils
  • Diagnosing pests and diseases
  • Soil testing
  • Best potting mixtures
  • Starting seeds
  • Starting from cuttings
  • Attracting birds and other living things to your garden
  • How to turn your lawn into garden
  • Small and mini hostas
  • How to grow living willow walls
  • Getting ready for veggies
  • Nuts and drupes- what is a nut?
  • Gardening without chemicals
  • Wildflowers or invasive weed?
  • Invasive species
  • Getting ready for winter
  • Keeping gardening tools sharp
  • Designing, planting and maintaining city beds
  • Horticulture as therapy

Don’t see the topic you are looking for? Contact us– we may be able to help!