Book review

Bringing Nature Home ​written by Doug Tallamy, Timber Press Inc

This book was first published in 2007 and has become more relevant every year, going into its 13th printing in 2019. The subtitle”How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants” sums it up.

Tallamy clearly explains the relationship between plants and animals (includes insects) and how alien plants, monocultures (lawn), and chemicals upset the delicate balance of an ecosystem. Bringing Nature Home is beautifully illustrated and easy to read. It provides guidance as to how you can bring biodiversity to your gardens and thereby sustain the chain of life which ultimately culminates with humans.

The book is an excellent companion to ​The Living Landscape​, written by Tallamy and Rick Darke and Tallamy’s newest book ​Nature’s Best Hope ​(2019). If you’d like a quick read about native plants, check out the article posted March 13 on this website, titled “Consider Planting Native Plants in Your Garden”.

Submitted by Leslye Glover